Afinion Project-Viewer

Viewer for MS Project and SAP PS files. For Windows, Mac, Linux. Unix. Saves all tasks of a person over all projects to Outlook. Print from A4 bis A0. No training necessary. People can start immediately. Shows views from MS Project. Filters. Supports all


SchweineMauMau is a variant of the well known MauMau, but full of action. You were always the one drawing lots of cards? With SchweineMauMau your luck returns. Exchange your hand cards with those of your opponents. Or let all your opponents draw cards at



Mobile CD / DVD Burner DirMCB doesn't need to be installed, runs from each mobile data carrier (Stick, cd ...) and is simple to use. Simply drop the Files or Folders you want to burn on the window of DirMCB. If a rewriteable CD / DVD is used, all

NiftyWindows  v.

Welcome to NiftyWindows! This free tool provides many helpful features for an easier handling of your Windows (c) operating system.

TiDy - Time Management & Diary  v.1. 5. 2005

TiDy - Time Management & Diary is a comprehensive add-in for Excel. Its purpose is planning of tasks and control of your progress. TiDy consists of a Microsoft Excel Template and a set of macros.

Birthday Plus  v.1.0

Manage your anniversaries Birthday Plus informs you of relevant anniversaries on system startup. With Birthday Plus you'll never forget aunt Jill's birthday or even your own wedding day.

TC TimeStamp Client  v.3.0.1

TimeStampClient is designed to be a client software for Time-Stamp Protocol (TSP) defined by RFC 3161. Consists of single executable file. Supports TCP Socket Based Protocol. Supports Time-Stamp Protocol via HTTP/HTTPS.

HS-Crawler  v.1 3

Email marketing is the ideal way to promote your business. HS-Crawler is a software designed to extract email addresses from web sites, search engines and Newsgroups. You no longer have to buy mailing lists. HS-Crawler allows you to extract your

Xraster  v.0.9

Graphicutility to eliminate moire-effects from pictures and simultaneously keeping the quality of your images. Unlike this Freeware-Edition, the Standard-Edition let you save all accomplished actions as filters,

JAmp  v.1.0.0

A Java-based audio player. JAmp is a straight-forward, Java based audio player. It features m3u playlist support and supports WAV, MP3, AU, and AIFF audio files.JAmp Features: 1. play WAV, MP3, AU, and AIFF aufio files 2. play shoutcatst based

PowerDicom  v.4.7 Build

PowerDicom is a 'All-in-one' software for handling DICOM files. PowerDicom is a strong and easy-to-use program application that can help you manage DICOM files.PowerDicom General Features: 1. Supports all Modalities (SOP Classes) 2. Supports all

TFunctionParser  v.7.4.2

TFunctionParser is an Automation/COM server that parses mathematical functions and evaluates them at runtime. About 100 functions and operations are predefined. The user can define variables, constants and functions. TFunctionParser Features: 1.

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